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  • Hunting Dogs In Art and Illustration

    These hunting dogs are mostly from 20th century magazines and show the vital role dogs have played in tracking and catching game.

  • The Poky Little Puppy by Sebring Lowrey and Tenngren Analysis

    The Poky Little Puppy is a classic Little Golden Book by Texas writer Janette Sebring Lowrey, illustrated by Gustav Tenngren. This story was one of the first 12 Little Golden Books, first published in 1942.

  • The Garden of Abdul Gasazi by Chris Van Allsburg

    The Garden of Abdul Gasazi (1979) was the first picture book by American author/illustrator Chris Van Allsburg, who himself admits astonishment at the book’s immediate success. This was helped by reviews in America-wide publications. Such attention has always been unusual for children’s stories, and perhaps says something about how this story appeals to all ages. […]

  • The Widow’s Broom by Chris Van Allsburg Picturebook Analysis

    The Widow's Broom Chris Van Allsburg cover

    “The Widow’s Broom” is a 1992 picture book by American author illustrator Chris Van Allsburg. Like many of Van Allsburg’s books, this one remains popular with teachers, partly because this is a storyteller who requires the reader to do a little work. Students can practise their inference skills in class. Like all good stories which…

  • I Am Not A Fox by Wolf and Groenink Analysis

    I Am Not A Fox is a picture book written by Karina Wolf and illustrated by Chuck Groenink. If you’ve ever read “The Ugly Duckling” and thought, “hmm, that message has problems”, then this one might be for you.

  • Gaston by DiPucchio and Robinson Analysis

    Gaston is a picture book written by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated in beautiful naive style by Christian Robinson. The colour palette is gorgeous. I liken Gaston to another popular contemporary picture book: Drew Daywalt’s The Day The Crayons Quit. The plots are not at all similar, but they share the same ideological problems, intending to…

  • Little House On The Prairie Analysis

    Little House On The Prairie cover

    Should parents expose our modern kids to Little House On The Prairie, given the uncomfortable realities?

  • Cannonball Simp by John Burningham Analysis

    Cannonball Simp cover

    Cannonball Simp is a picture book written and illustrated by John Burningham, first published 1966. This is a story from an earlier Golden Age of children’s literature, one in which ending up in a circus is a good outcome, and also, well, words sometimes change. It’s shame that the 2020 meaning of the word ‘simp’…

  • Higglety Piggelty Pop! or There Must Be More To Life Analysis

    Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More To Life is an illustrated short story, though some might just call it a picture book. The language is too sophisticated to count as an early reader, unlike the Mercy Watson series, of a similar length and also divided into chapters. Why divide such a short story…

  • John Brown, Rose and The Midnight Cat (1979) Picture Book Analysis


    John Brown and the Midnight Cat is a classic Australian picture book by Wagner and Brooks. Children read a different story from adults.

  • Dead Calm Film Study

    Dead Calm movie poster landscape

    Sometimes horror movies are even more terrifying when read metaphorically. In Dead Calm, the story of a husband and wife at sea with a murderous intruder is bad enough, but what if the murderer doesn’t exist? Dead Calm is a well-executed but outdated psychological horror, adapted in 1989 for film from a 1963 novel by…

  • Bluey Australian TV Show Storytelling

    Bluey Family

    Remember that time an episode of British cartoon Peppa Pig was taken off air in Australia? It was the episode which taught kids that spiders aren’t scary. Not a lesson Aussie kids need to learn. Well, fast forward a few years and Australian kids now have their own cartoon series reminiscent of Peppa Pig. Bluey…