Privacy Policy



No information is collected
Slap Happy Larry apps do not collect any information about the user. The apps do not use any third party software for analytics or any other similar purposes.

No ads
Slap Happy Larry apps may contain advertisements for our other apps, accessible only via the about page, which is accessible only from the main menu.

No integration with social media sites
There are links to our own Facebook and YouTube pages, which are accessible only via the about page. There is no other social media integration.

No Internet connection required
Slap Happy Larry apps do not require an Internet connection to work. Links to the web are not contained within the story of a picturebook app. Links to activities/close reading notes direct to this very website.

No in-app purchases
Slap Happy Larry storybook apps contain no in-app purchases.

No push notifications
Slap Happy Larry apps contain no push notifications.

If you have any questions please contact us.