Cartoonish and Highly Stylised Cats

Johnny Go Round by Betty Ren Wright Children’s Book 1960

Cats all look pretty much the same, right? No? Well, compared to the diversity of artist impressions they do. Check out this wide variety of creatures, all successfully coded as cats.

Cats In Disguise

Cats are good at hiding. This is probably why, in our human stories, we like to anthropomorphise cats and imagine they are in disguise. This probably accounts partly for why cats are the number one suspect when it comes to witches’ familiars. Humans have the ability to ‘know’ something is there, even if there is……

Inky Illustrations of Cats

There are many ways of rendering cats in illustration. By letting ink run into the paper, cats can look beautifully soft and furry. Andy Warhol (1928-1987) ink blot cats by Andy Warhol Clare Turlay Newberry (American, 1903-1970) Louis Icart, (1880-1950) detail from an etching, c. 1925 Tsuguharu Foujita (Japanese-French, 1886-1968) from Book of Cats, 1930……

Women and Cats in Art

There is a strong link between women, girls and cats. In fiction, for instance, women are frequently described as cats (and also as birds).

Balinese, Birman, Burmese and Siamese Cats In Art

Agnes Tait (American, 1894-1981), Sailor Cats, 1941 CHARLES FREDERICK TUNNICLIFFE R.A. (BRITISH, 1901-1979)- Siamese cat on a branch in blossom CHARLES FREDERICK TUNNICLIFFE R.A. (BRITISH, 1901-1979) Siamese cat Janusz Grabianski Siamese Cat (and mouse) Ghosts on the Tree (1933) by Franz Sedlacek (Austria, 1891-1945) Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe (English, 1901-1979) Autumn Kitten Eileen Mayo, Woman and……

Fish Bowls In Art

George Dunlop Leslie - The Goldfish Seller

The fishbowl is a common symbol of surveillance, as is a glass house. For house cats, the fish bowl is a miniature version of the pond or lake — domestic version.

Cats Looking Out Windows

Below is a collection of artwork and illustration featuring cats looking out of windows. I bet they’re wishing they were outside. Ben Kliban, Cat Looking Out the Window from his calendar collection, 1970s. by Sempe Wanda Gag, 1893-1946 Cats at the Window by Wanda Gág, 1929 Franco Matticchio Etching by Hans Thoma (1839-1924) Dark Tales……

The Cat At Night by Dahlov Ipcar (1969)

The Cat At Night by Dahlov Ipcar cover

The Cat At Night is a picture book written and illustrated by Amrican Dahlov Ipcar (1969). Like many children’s authors and illustrators, she lived a long life (1917-2017). PARATEXT Join the farmer’s cat on his fascinating nighttime journey through fields, farms, forests, and even the city to see what only he can see after the……

Tigers, Lions and Other Big Cats

LIONS How tf did lions become the symbol of bravery? They are the biggest and the strongest and they use that strength to eat the weaker animals. What exactly makes them brave??Existential Comics (@existentialcoms) November 17, 2019 from a school book published 1892 Feet & Wings by Harrison WeirRecumbent Tiger, Ohara Koson (Shoson), 1877-1945Raymond Sheppard……