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  • Evolution for Kids: Teaching Resources

    HOW DID I GET HERE BY PHILIP BUNTING (PICTURE BOOK) From the Big Bang to your birthday, and (almost) everything in between, this funny and informative book tells your story.You are one of the newest members of a family tree that goes way, way, way back to the very first life on Earth. A lot of incredible things had […]

  • Interesting Science About Human Skin

    Interesting Science About Human Skin

    If you’re buying a gift for a young artist, a favourite of mine is a box of skin tone pencils or pens.  My Crayola box of the 80s included a ‘skin’ colour — in reality no one’s skin — symbolically and problematically the crayon was ‘white skin’. An entire box of skin tones is a…

  • Everyday Words With Differenct Academic Meanings

    ASEXUAL The queer community uses ‘asexual’ in a very specific way to refer to orientation (low-to-no- sexual attraction). Some people are homosexual, some people are bisexual, heterosexual, pansexual and… asexual. In non-queer spaces, the word ‘asexual’ is used in various different ways independent from the central contemporary meaning of orientation. Even within academic literature, there…

  • Picturebook Study: Colour Analysis

    Picturebook Study: Colour Analysis

    Colour is a language.