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  • Tiny Books For Kids Who Love Cute Things

    Tiny Books For Kids Who Love Cute Things

    My kidis not a wide reader but will read the same illustrated series over and over again, and also anything tiny. She loves Sylvanian Families, bugs and tiny books. In an effort to get her reading more widely I asked for recommendations from people who know kids’ books. Here’s what they suggested: THE BEATRIX POTTER […]

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  • Boy Friendly, Girl Friendly

    What is meant by boy friendly and girl friendly? Sometimes a Google search screenshot speaks a thousand words: Girl Friendly Links Strong Female Characters In Fiction from Common Sense Media 100 YA Books For The Feminist Reader from Bitch Media 9 FEMALE CHARACTERS WE WISH WE’D BEEN MORE LIKE IN HIGH SCHOOL from The Mary […]

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  • The Size and Format of Picturebooks

    How does the binding of a book affect reader expectations? What about the size? The actual individual appearance of of individual books is just as obvious an example of how prior expectations control our responses to stories; it influences our attitude to the stories the books contain before we even begin to read them. We […]

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  • Is it possible to elicit a love of reading in children?

    Is it possible to elicit a love of reading in children?

    Anyone who sends their kid to piano lessons or any other kind of lesson has probably wondered this: At what point will I allow my kid to give up this pursuit if they’re not enjoying it, or actively resisting? Time Ideas has an interesting article about the science of interest (which I didn’t know was […]

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  • The Features Of Chapter Books

    The Features Of Chapter Books

    Chapter books are better able to be defined than other types of books because they are for quite a narrow developmental process.

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  • What makes a picturebook re-readable?

    “We’re not trying to make stories that are going to be read, we’re trying to make stories that are going to be read a milliondy billiondy times.” Mo Willems While children’s books need to be re-readable, books aimed at an adult audience do not: As anyone who has ever read books to a child knows, young […]

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  • Thoughts On The Problems With Boys And Picturebooks

    UPDATE: Here is the latest hand-wringing on boys and books, this time from Jonathan Emmett. The New Statesman has published an article by Jonathan Emmett who points out that the picturebook world is dominated by women. I’m simplifying here, but basically he argues that this is one problem with picturebooks today, and the feminisation of […]

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  • Teaching Advanced Visual Literacy

    Teaching Advanced Visual Literacy

    People now unblushingly use the term ‘visual literacy’ when a few decades ago the concept, never mind the term, was undreamed of. Such an enormous shift in our ways of understanding the world and ourselves will undoubtedly have had an impact upon a form of text like the picturebook that self-consciously exploits the pictorial as a way of making meaning.

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