Is it possible to elicit a love of reading in children?

Anyone who sends their kid to piano lessons or any other kind of lesson has probably wondered this: At what point will I allow my kid to give up this pursuit if they’re not enjoying it, or actively resisting?

Time Ideas has an interesting article about the science of interest (which I didn’t know was a thing).

As researcher Suzanne Hidi notes, “Teachers often think that students either have, or do not have, interest, and might not recognize that they could make a significant contribution to the development of students’ academic interest.”

In fact, research suggests that well-developed personal interests always begin with an external “trigger”—seeing a play, reading a book, hearing someone talk—and that well-designed environments can make such a triggering more likely.

The main things I picked up from this article:

  1. Be friendly, chatty, engaging
  2. Model interest by being interested yourself
  3. We tend to preference intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivators, but in reality, successful people are driven by both


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