Symbolism of Hands

Whenever you’re watching a documentary which anonymises its subjects, the camera often tips down to emphasise the hands. What are the hands doing? Picking at fingernails? In a tight grip? Relaxed and open? This close up on the hands is clearly meant to say something about emotional affect. It’s also interesting to take a look……

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Symbolism of Bridges and Rainbows

Edmund George Warren - Crossing the Brook 1874

Why bridges and rainbows? What have they got to do with each other? Well, the archetypal bridge is an arc shape, like the rainbow. Symbolically, bridges and rainbows can be similar.

Lighthouse Symbolism

The lighthouse is a multivalent, paradoxical symbol which can come in very handy when crafting stories and connecting to theme.

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Blood Symbolism

BLOOD AS SYMBOL OF LIFE Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Apollonia (born 460 BCE) thought of life as pneuma coursing through vessels. In Stoic thought, pneuma is the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person. Many fourth-, fifth- and sixth-century thinkers are called “Pythagoreans” in the Greek tradition after the fourth century BCE. These……

The Symbolism of Water Wells

Henry John Yeend King - By the Well

In folklore and fairy tale, round, enclosed structures (towers and wells) align with lunar figures which stand in for cyclic time i.e. dragons, serpents, werewolves or other related creatures who abduct maidens. And also, by the way, dishevelled hair and shaggy furs worn as garments are the other symbol set which go hand-in-hand with round,……

Words to Describe Landscapes, Landforms, Water and Construction

(Includes bodies of water.) You may be after a full glossary of landforms, in which case the Wikipedia article is comprehensive: Full list of landforms at Wikipedia. This post skews literary. Be aware, especially since you’re probably a wide reader and will have picked up words from all over the place, that words to describe……