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  • Symbolism of Hands

    Symbolism of Hands

    Whenever you’re watching a documentary which anonymises its subjects, the camera often tips down to emphasise the hands. What are the hands doing? Picking at fingernails? In a tight grip? Relaxed and open? This close up on the hands is clearly meant to say something about emotional affect. It’s also interesting to take a look […]

  • Symbolism of Green

    Symbolism of Green

    What does green symbolise in art and storytelling?

  • Symbolism of Bridges and Rainbows

    Symbolism of Bridges and Rainbows

    Why bridges and rainbows? What have they got to do with each other? Well, the archetypal bridge is an arc shape, like the rainbow. Symbolically, bridges and rainbows can be similar.

  • Lighthouse Symbolism

    Lighthouse Symbolism

    The lighthouse is a multivalent, paradoxical symbol which can come in very handy when crafting stories and connecting to theme.

  • Blood Symbolism

    Blood Symbolism

    BLOOD AS SYMBOL OF LIFE Ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Apollonia (born 460 BCE) thought of life as pneuma coursing through vessels. In Stoic thought, pneuma is the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person. Many fourth-, fifth- and sixth-century thinkers are called “Pythagoreans” in the Greek tradition after the fourth century BCE. These…

  • The Symbolism of Water Wells

    The Symbolism of Water Wells

    In folklore and fairy tale, round, enclosed structures (towers and wells) align with lunar figures which stand in for cyclic time i.e. dragons, serpents, werewolves or other related creatures who abduct maidens. And also, by the way, dishevelled hair and shaggy furs worn as garments are the other symbol set which go hand-in-hand with round,…

  • The Symbolism of Dolls In Storytelling

    The Symbolism of Dolls In Storytelling

    Dolls serve as comfort; they also creep us out. Which is it gonna be? And how do storytellers utilise their multivalent presence in our lives?

  • A Glossary of The Underworld

    Since we’re all going to hell (by someone’s rules), here is a glossary of terms you may need before you get there. I’d provide a map, but that is coming. ACHERON One of the Five Rivers of the Realm of Hades, according to Ancient Greeks. This is an actual river located in northwest Greece. The…

  • Words to Describe Landscapes, Landforms, Water and Construction

    Words to Describe Landscapes, Landforms, Water and Construction

    (Includes bodies of water.) You may be after a full glossary of landforms, in which case the Wikipedia article is comprehensive: Full list of landforms at Wikipedia. This post skews literary.

  • Symbolism of Coats and Cloaks

    Symbolism of Coats and Cloaks

    The cloak is the garment of Kings, and the King is a symbolic archetype. Fathers and Kings are basically the same archetype in traditional stories. (Fathers are the kings of the home.)

  • Wave Symbolism

    Wave Symbolism

    Storytellers have long utilised the symbolism of dreams, which apply equally when we’re awake.

  • Symbolism of Eyes and Foucault’s Panopticon

    Symbolism of Eyes and Foucault’s Panopticon

    Most humans are drawn to the eyes and gaze. Eyes therefore feature large in art and storytelling, and sometimes symbolise surveillance. The gaze is extremely powerful. Artist Marina Abramovic knew this when she sat in an art gallery and stared at people for months. Harrison Fisher also understood when painting these girls, supposedly having fun,…