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  • The Common Day by John Cheever Analysis

    “The Common Day” is a slice of life story set around the time of the 20th Century world wars. Though this story was first published after WW2 had ended, the story is set in a time of unrest, when even the most cosseted upper-crust of New Hampshire can’t feel entirely at ease about the future. When dividing the Cheever stories…

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  • Goodbye My Brother by John Cheever Analysis

    Goodbye My Brother by John Cheever Analysis

    “Goodbye My Brother” is one of John Cheever’s best known short stories. In fact, it was this story which contributed to Cheever’s receiving his Guggenheim Scholarship. Cheever returned time and again to the dynamic of an uneasy relationship between two brothers. The relationship is always a metaphor for something bigger. I prefer the nihilist brother Lawrence, nick-named ‘Croaker’. He may have a tendency to…

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  • How To Create A Fictional Setting

    How To Create A Fictional Setting

    In stories, setting and character are inextricably linked. Setting affects character. Sometimes, the setting can be treated like one of the characters. What Is A Fictional Setting Made Of? There are many ways to break Fictional Setting into a taxonomy. Here’s a mindmap showing how I think of it. PERIOD — a story’s place in time DURATION — a story’s…

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