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  • The Home Girls by Olga Masters Short Story Analysis

    William Frederick Yeames - For the Poor

    “The Home Girls” is a short story by Australian writer Olga Masters (1919 – 1986), and the first story of Masters’ 1982 collection, also called The Home Girls. I’m interested in Olga Masters partly because her fiction wasn’t published until she was in her 50s. Then, when she was published, she won a bunch of […]

  • The Symbolism of Dolls In Storytelling

    Charles Haigh Wood - Storytime 1893

    Dolls serve as comfort; they also creep us out. Which is it gonna be? And how do storytellers utilise their multivalent presence in our lives?

  • The Misplaced Importance Of Bloodline In Fiction

    bloodline in fiction

    A ‘chosen one’ story stars a main character who is basically ordinary, but because of their bloodline, they are destined for great things. Harry Potter is the iconic example of a contemporary chosen one story. Harry Potter comes after a long tradition. At TV Tropes you’ll find that Chosen One stories are so popular there…

  • Matilda by Roald Dahl Novel Study

    Matilda is a classic, best-selling children’s book first published in 1988. This story draws from a history of children’s literature such as classic fairytales and Anne of Green Gables. Matilda was written by Roald Dahl, but significantly improved by a talented editor and publisher, Steven Roxburgh. For half of his writing career, Dahl wrote for adults.…

  • Storytelling Tips From ‘Anne With An E’

    I’m a big fan of Anne Of Green Gables, the 1980s TV miniseries and also of Breaking Bad, so I anticipated Moira Walley-Beckett’s 2017 re-visioning of Anne Of Green Gables with great enthusiasm. I’m not disappointed. ‘Anne With An E’ is great. (It seems I’m not in good company by saying that.) There’s much to learn from…

  • Storytelling Tips From Anne Of Green Gables

    Revisiting Anne Of Green Gables as an adult reader, several things stick out: The influence of Cinderella, the rags to riches story which is often counted as one of the ‘six basic plots‘ The influence of Pride and Prejudice Anne Of Green Gables has a lot in common with modern YA stories aimed at young women.…

  • Storytelling Notes On A Series Of Unfortunate Events (2017)

    Unfortunate Events Netflix

    Daniel Handler wrote the teleplay (as well as the books) to the Netflix adaptation of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. The author’s voice and politics come through loud and clear.

  • Absent Parents In Children’s Literature

    One job for children’s authors is to get adults out of the way so child characters can solve their own problems. “There are an awful lot of books about ‘I love you mummy’. ‘Yes, I love you, too, darling little bear!’ I’m not saying there’s not a place for those, but there’s so many books…

  • Why so many orphans in children’s literature?

    Thomas Benjamin Kennington - Orphans

    Orphans in modern literature evolved from orphans of folk and fairytales. There are many orphans in American and British children’s literature, but also in literature from around the world. Some communities have always been set up with strong social networks. Even if parents die, there are no true orphans because the extended family will care for them.…