Bedrooms in Children’s Stories

Carl Larsson (Swedish, 1853 – 1919), “Lisbeth with Gold Tulip,” 1894

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A character’s room can contribute to characterization… Setting is frequently used to symbolize the character’s moods as well as power position. The bright sunny morning in the beginning of Anne of Green Gables corresponds to her hopeful expectations. A change of setting can parallel the change in the character’s frame of mind. A storm can symbolize the turmoil in the character’s psyche.

The Rhetoric of Character In Children’s Literature, Maria Nikolajeva

1. How is Asaf’s new bedroom different from his old one?

2. Describe the colour symbolism.

Teenage Bedroom is a Tumblr with photos of … well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. What vibe do you get from each of these bedrooms? Can you associate any with characters from novels you have read?

Classic Children’s Literature Inspired Bedrooms from Apartment Therapy

The bedroom from Courage The Cowardly Dog


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