A Rumour Of Otters

A Rumour of Otters by Deborah Savage is an out-of-print New Zealand book, published 1984, written by an author from Pennsylvania. I remember there was a class set of this book in my high school, studied by Year 9 students. I wonder if there’s still a box of them in the Burnside High School resource room?

There’s something about the cover art that makes me want to scan it and put the whole double spread somewhere on the Internet.

This book is interesting for:

  • Its second wave feminist ideas, not fully realised in my opinion
  • Animal symbolism (there are no otters in New Zealand — the American author blended Maori mythology with Native American otter symbolism)
  • Evocative descriptions of the South Island high country landscape

I put my full review on Goodreads.

A Rumour Of Otters