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  • The Story Of The Kind Wolf by Wilkon and Nickl Analysis

    “The Story Of The Kind Wolf” is a 1982 picture book by Jozef Wilkon, illustrated by Peter Nickl and translated into English by Marion Koenig. The story is now out of print and hard to find. This is a Tawny Scrawny Lion plot, and very much of its time. This was the era of the […]

  • Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell Analysis

    Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell

    Wolf in the Snow (2017) is an almost wordless picture book written and illustrated by Matthew Cordell, with links to the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. All picturebooks are puzzles. The details of pictures invite attention to their implications. The unmoving pictures require viewers to solve the puzzle of what actions and motions they […]

  • Peter and the Wolf, Angela Carter and Mise-en-abyme

    Burning Your Boats by Angela Carter

    Angela Carter’s short story “Peter And The Wolf” provides an excellent example of the mise-en-abyme technique in storytelling. Writers can make use of this effect to convey a character’s anagnorisis to the audience.

  • Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk Novel Study

    Wolf Hollow cover with night sky and a huge yellow moon

    Wolf Hollow (2016) is a middle grade novel by Lauren Wolk. This mid-20th century story is chock-full of symbolism which makes it great for a novel study. Here I focus instead on the writing techniques, for writers of middle grade. Though moons tend to be massive in children’s books, the moon on this cover would […]

  • Garth Pig And The Ice Cream Lady By Mary Rayner

    Garth Pig and the Ice Cream Lady is a British picture book written and illustrated by Mary Rayner in 1977. The story is part fairytale, part 1977 modernity. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mary Rayner was born in 1933 in Mandalay, Burma of British parents. She was 8 years old when Japanese troops invaded Burma. Her mother […]

  • The Wolves In The Walls by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean Analysis

    Have you ever had something living in your walls or in your roof space, or cellar? Apparently the story was inspired by his own daughter, who heard rats in the walls at night. (So do we — they’re actually mice…) Hearing rodents in the walls isn’t all that uncommon. And rodents are most active at […]

  • Wolf Children Japanese Anime Film Study

    Wolf Children movie poster

    The Japanese anime Wolf Children is an inspiring and engaging film for miniature nature lovers. I have recommended this film to people completely forgetting that it is basically a very sad story though, so consider yourself warned! I wonder if the author of Wolf Children was inspired by the story of Amala and Kamala, two […]

  • The Hunger Games

    It’s safe to say this post contains spoilers about The Hunger Games. Plenty has been said about The Hunger Games and I doubt I can add another single thing, but I have been collecting links on this for ages as they raced through my feed, refusing to read them until I’d seen the movie and […]

  • The Three Little Wolves And The Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas and Helen Oxenbury Analysis

    The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pigs is not only an inversion on the classic tale, but also a subversion of the message. Basically, this is a fable for a rape culture world. PARATEXT Back in 1993, this book was a best seller and did well in a number of big prizes. Most of […]