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  • Genius Characters in Fiction

    Genius Characters in Fiction

    In stories it isn’t always the smartest or the strongest who become heroes — it is often the character who perseveres or works hardest. The villain is often smarter and stronger than the hero. What about really smart characters? Ironically in storytelling, the genius character is often the underdog. Their genius is also their shortcoming, or they have another big shortcoming…

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  • Jack and the Baked Beanstalk by Colin Stimpson (2012) Analysis

    As you can see from the cover art, this picture book has been illustrated by someone with a lot of experience in digital art — as a coffee table book of illustrations this stands alone as an exhibition of beautiful colour, wonderfully composed perspective drawings and interesting character design. The O.G. Jack And The Beanstalk is, at its heart, a…

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  • How To Write Underdog Stories

    How To Write Underdog Stories

    The underdog is very popular as a main character in fiction. But there are ways to write underdogs well as well as pitfalls to avoid. What Is An Underdog? An underdog story is a ‘David Beats Goliath’ story going back even further than Biblical times. Underdog stories are often rags-to-riches stories. (Cinderella stories) Another variation is the Baby In The…

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