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  • All About The Thriller Genre

    writing thriller

    Below, I list a collection of thought-provoking tips on writing the thriller genre. It’s not that easy to pinpoint what a thriller is, because a lot of descriptions focus on the tone. But this doesn’t help writers much. From a writing point of view, the thriller must contain certain things, otherwise it’s not a thriller. […]

  • Silence Of The Lambs Film Study

    Silence Of The Lambs Poster

    Where were you when you first watched The Silence Of The Lambs? I was about fifteen, mid-nineties. The film had made it to midday TV. It was a rainy, wintry day outside and my mother sat knitting in the recliner chair. I was on the floor making flashcards for high school Japanese, but as relaxing…

  • In The Middle Of The Night by Robert Cormier

    in the middle of the night

    In The Middle Of The Night is a young adult horror novel by American author Robert Cormier. Written in the mid 1990s, this was one of his later works.

  • Twist Endings, Reversals and Reveals In Storytelling

    Reversals and reveals are vital for creating momentum and suspense in a story. Certain genres are required to be more page-turny than others, and all children’s literature must be page-turny. So you’ll find reversals and reveals everywhere in children’s literature.

  • It’s The Bear! by Jez Alborough Analysis

    It’s The Bear! by Jez Albrough  is one of our daughter’s favourite picture books. She loved it when she was three, and still loves it even though she is now seven. It’s The Bear! is the second of Jez Alborough’s three hugely successful bear books from the 1990s. Published in 1996, It’s The Bear came…

  • The Secret Self In Storytelling

    Eastman Johnson - The Toilet

    All of us have a Public, Private and a Secret Self.