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  • Movements In Children’s Literature

    Movements In Children’s Literature

    When looking at the development of children’s literature over the past two and a half centuries (which is about all you get, because children’s literature is a distinct and recent entity) two major movements have been influential: Romanticism and Modernism in the 18th and 19th centuries Postmodernism, Surrealism and a bunch of other -isms came […]

  • What Is Surrealism?

    What Is Surrealism?

    The word ‘surrealism’ has a different use in everyday English from its meaning in critical discourse. Surrealism in everyday English: I don’t understand it. Weird somehow. Creepy. Like a dream. Disparate things are together and don’t make sense. Surrealism in critical discourse: Over and above. Literally, super-real (from French). ‘Surreal’ is a modern word and does…

  • Leaf by Stephen Michael King Picture Book Analysis

    Leaf by Stephen Michael King Picture Book Analysis

    Leaf by Australian storyteller Stephen Michael King is a wordless book comprising pictures and onomatopoeia. How does one write flap copy for a (largely) wordless picture book? The publishers of leaf have obviously done a test read with a young reader called Amelia and they quoted her response for the flap. This story reminds me…

  • The Swimmer by John Cheever Analysis

    “The Swimmer”(1964) is considered one of Cheever’s best short stories. Anne Enright feels that this would never have worked as the novel Cheever had originally planned and adds that it would work even better as a short story had he lost one or two pools. (The naturist communists are amusing but we don’t want any…

  • Realism In Fiction For Children

    REALISM IN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE Bear in mind, children’s literature is a recent form of literature and emerged with the establishment of realism. Many of the notes below are from Professor David Beagley, La Trobe University, Genres In Children’s Literature: Lecture 13: Realism In Fiction For Children, available on iTunes U REALISM FOR MIDDLE GRADE READERS…