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  • Coming Soon Short Story by Steven Millhauser Analysis

    “Coming Soon” is a short story by American novelist and short story writer Steven Millhauser, first published at The New Yorker in 2013. (About 3,900 words.) Chang-rae Lee discussed this story with Deborah Treisman at the New Yorker Fiction podcast. The following are my thoughts after reading the story and listening to their discussion. “You […]

  • Moving Molly by Shirley Hughes Analysis

    Moving Molly may sound like a drug dealer’s handbook but is also a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Shirley Hughes (1981). Shirley Hughes is one of the big name picture book storytellers from my childhood. Another favourite is Dogger. I’ve also analysed Up and Up on this blog. I know that Shirley Hughes’s […]

  • Children’s Stories and Northrop Frye

    'Superman' (WB 1978) theatrical poster illustration by Bob Peak

    Northrop Frye was a Canadian literary theorist who died in 1991 aged 78. Frye was considered one of the most influential literary theorists of the 20th century. Sometimes his theories applied equally to children’s literature; at other times he was off the mark. One of his theories — The Displacement Of Myth — does not […]

  • Neo-Regionalism And Realism In Literature


    Regionalism is a largely American term which refers to texts that concentrate heavily on specific, unique features of a certain region including dialect, customs, tradition, topography, history, and characters.

  • Babysitter’s Club Novel Study

    It would be easy to dismiss The Babysitter’s Club as an outdated storyline aimed at channeling girls into careers in childcare, turning them into good little obedient baby-machines and not much else. However, never judge a book by its title, right? (Because a lot of the time authors don’t choose their own titles anyhow.) And […]

  • Upside-down Knitting In Picturebook Illustration

    School Library Journal (Betsy Bird) posted an article about knitting as depicted in picture books — so often the knitting needles are coming out the top, whereas if you’ve ever knitted in real life you’ll know that the needles come out below the hands. This is a wonderful observation, and once you’ve noticed it you’ll […]

  • Dogger by Shirley Hughes Picture Book Analysis

    Dogger cover

    I don’t remember seeing a pristine copy of Dogger, ever. Our own copy as a child had been cancelled from a local library and was covered in yellowing sellotape. I still have that copy. Many years later, this is one of my six-year-old daughter’s favourite books. It is also the number one favourite book of […]

  • Realism In Fiction For Children

    REALISM IN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE Bear in mind, children’s literature is a recent form of literature and emerged with the establishment of realism. Many of the notes below are from Professor David Beagley, La Trobe University, Genres In Children’s Literature: Lecture 13: Realism In Fiction For Children, available on iTunes U REALISM FOR MIDDLE GRADE READERS […]