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  • Blackdog by Levi Pinfold Analysis

    Blackdog by Levi Pinfold Analysis

    Anyone who has ever seen a huge unfriendly dog standing right outside their glass door will know how frightening it can be. Pinfold takes that fear and now we have Blackdog.

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  • What Is A Flaneur? What Is A Dandy?

    What Is A Flaneur? What Is A Dandy?

    As described by James Wood in How Fiction Works, the flaneur is the loafer, usually a young man, who walks the streets with no great urgency, seeing, looking, reflecting. Flânerie describes aimless behaviour. In French it’s spelt like this: flâneur. Wood also uses the great phrases ‘porous scout‘ and ‘Noah’s dove‘ to describe this authorial stand-in. These characters are focalisers. A…

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  • Gorilla by Anthony Browne Picture Book Analysis

    Gorilla by Anthony Browne Picture Book Analysis

    Gorilla is the book that made Anthony Browne’s name as a creator of postmodern picture books. It was awarded the Kurt Maschler Award (1982-1999), which specifically rewarded British picture books demonstrating excellent integration between words and pictures. WHAT HAPPENS IN GORILLA? A girl called Hannah — about 6 or 7 years old — feels that her father doesn’t spend any…

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  • Postmodernism In Literature

    Postmodernism In Literature

    Before taking a look at postmodern picture books, let’s take a look at how the postmodern short story has been described. THE POSTMODERN SHORT STORY The postmodern short story came in the middle of the 20th century. Stories became ‘anti-stories’. Postmodernism is “art’s way of replenishing itself by way of returning to the past in general, and to itself in particular”.…

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