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  • Powers by Alice Munro Short Story Analysis

    Powers by Alice Munro Short Story Analysis

    “Powers” is the final story in the Runaway collection by Alice Munro, published 2004. I find this story the most challenging of the lot — as in, what in holy heck was that all about? I’m going to have to write about “Powers” in order to understand it. Here goes my best shot. What can […]

  • The Haunted Tea-Cosy by Edward Gorey Analysis

    The Haunted Tea-Cosy by Edward Gorey Analysis

    Edward Gorey was an American writer and illustrator who died in the year 2000. The Haunted Tea-Cosy: A Dispirited and Distasteful Diversion for Christmas is a picture book for adults, based on the cartoons first published in the December issue of the New York Times Magazine, 1997. Bloomsbury picked it up in an early-Internet era…

  • Tips For Writing Melodrama

    Tips For Writing Melodrama

    Melodrama is a widely misunderstood term but has its place in good storytelling. What is melodrama, and how do we write it? Melodrama In Everyday Usage In everyday English, if we describe a person as ‘melodramatic’ we are probably describing a high drama individual. We’re probably talking about what we consider ‘too much emotion’. When…

  • The Others Film Study

    The Others Film Study

    Written by Alejandro Amenábar, The Others is an old-fashioned melodramatic ghost story but done very well. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s one of those films that can be ruined in one fell swoop (like Sixth Sense), so leave the building now!

  • Realism In Fiction For Children

    REALISM IN CHILDREN’S LITERATURE Bear in mind, children’s literature is a recent form of literature and emerged with the establishment of realism. Many of the notes below are from Professor David Beagley, La Trobe University, Genres In Children’s Literature: Lecture 13: Realism In Fiction For Children, available on iTunes U REALISM FOR MIDDLE GRADE READERS…