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  • The Little Crooked House by Wild and Bentley Picture Book Analysis

    The Little Crooked House by Margaret Wild and Jonathan Bentley

    The Little Crooked House (2005) is an Australian picture book written by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Jonathan Bentley who, coincidentally, has the perfect name for this story, gotta say.

  • There’s A Sea In My Bedroom by Margaret Wild Analysis

    There's A Sea In My Bedroom

    There’s A Sea In My Bedroom (1984) is a classic Australian picture book, written by Margaret Wild and illustrated in realistic fantasy style by Jane Tanner. Margaret Wild is a well-known Australian author whose subject material ranches from melancholic to funny. I have previously blogged about Harry and Hopper and Chatterbox. Jane Tanner is also […]

  • Chatterbox by Margaret Wild and Deborah Niland Analysis

    Chatterbox is a very satisfying book to read aloud and my daughter just loves it. Deborah Niland has made a great job of illustrating the characters, and I especially like that she’s drawn a very modern Nana — not your stereotypical Nana with her blue rinse and pearls. In fact, she doesn’t even have wrinkles. […]

  • Islands and Symbolism in Literature

    We see islands in the oldest literature we know, from Shakespeare’s The Tempest (Prospero’s Island) to Homer’s The Odyssey (Circe’s Island) to Jason and the Golden Fleece (Lemnos, Doilones, Cius etc). A well-known island from Greek mythology is Ogygia, considered ‘navel of the sea’. This island is mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey as the home of the nymph […]