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  • Storytelling Tips From ‘Anne With An E’

    Storytelling Tips From ‘Anne With An E’

    I’m a big fan of Anne Of Green Gables, the 1980s TV miniseries and also of Breaking Bad, so I anticipated Moira Walley-Beckett’s 2017 re-visioning of Anne Of Green Gables with great enthusiasm. I’m not disappointed. ‘Anne With An E’ is great. (It seems I’m not in good company by saying that.) There’s much to learn from Moira Walley-Beckett. How did she manage…

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  • Shapes of Plots In Storytelling

    Shapes of Plots In Storytelling

    The success of a novel is only five percent about the structure and ninety-five percent about the quality of the writing. Elizabeth Lyons, Manuscript Makeover Younger writers should be experimenting with form as well as material, like a water-seeker with a divining rod. We are “haunted” by experiences, images, people, acts of our own or of others, which we don’t…

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