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  • Homes and Symbolism In Film and Literature

    sunny home literature film

    Homes are an outworking of the characters who live inside. Sometimes, in fiction, the house even seems to come alive in its own right. There exist sunny houses in which, at all seasons, it is summer, houses that are all windows. Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space For my notes after reading Gaston Bachelard, see […]

  • The Wolves In The Walls by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean Analysis

    Have you ever had something living in your walls or in your roof space, or cellar? Apparently the story was inspired by his own daughter, who heard rats in the walls at night. (So do we — they’re actually mice…) Hearing rodents in the walls isn’t all that uncommon. And rodents are most active at […]

  • Symbolism Of The Dream House, Cottage, Bungalow and Cabin

    House symbolism is an interesting way of looking at a story. Have you noticed that houses as depicted in Western picture books tend to look the same? Two storied, bedrooms upstairs, slightly untidy but still Pinterest-worthy? There’s a reason for this. Each part of a house is symbolically unique. Gaston Bachelard talks about this in his famous book on architecture and philosophy, The Poetics of Space.

  • Kitchens As Metonyms For Familial Happiness In Literature

    Brambly Hedge. the grand kitchen at the Old Oak Palace. Everyone was searching for Primrose

    A warm, safe, lighted place.Hepzobah’s kitchen was always like that, and not only that evening. Coming I to it was like coming home on a bitter cold day to a bright, leaping fire. It was like the smell of bacon when you were hungry, loving arms when you were lonely; safety when you were scared…. […]

  • Walking, Floating, Creeping Houses

    Howl's Moving Castle Miyazaki

    Included in the definition of ‘home’ is the idea of a stable, secure structure… which doesn’t get up and move! The concept of home is especially important in children’s stories, which explains the popularity of the home-away-home structure: Child leaves home, has a little adventure, then returns to security. The young reader falls into slumber, […]

  • Writing Activity: Describe A Bedroom

    Pets for Peter, 1950, Aurelius Battaglia, Italian American Children's Book Illustrator

    Lectrology, the study of the bed and its surroundings, can be extremely useful and tell you a great deal about the owner, even if it’s only that they are a very knowing and savvy installations artist. Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals Each of us has three lives: public, private and secret. We are rarely afforded glimpses into […]