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  • Fear of Engulfment in Storytelling

    There’s a very good reason why girls should be told the truth about baby-making as soon as they ask: If she’s old enough to be asking, she’s old enough to be worrying. Unless they’re told exactly how pregnancy happens, young girls often worry that it may happen to them at any time, without warning. The […]

  • The Art Of Nightmares

    Some dreams, some poems, some musical phrases, some pictures, wake feelings such as one never had before, new in colour and form—spiritual sensations, as it were, hitherto unproved… Lilith | George MacDonald How does an artist offer the viewer a sense of nightmare? Desaturation Over all, 12 percent of people dream entirely in black and white. … In…

  • Creating A Fairytale World

    To a modern audience, what makes a setting feel ‘fairytale’? What is it about the tone, style and plot? I argue here that what makes a fairytale setting feel ‘fairytale’ is mostly the ‘fairytale logic’. Just as we know, almost intuitively, that a particular narrative is a fairy tale when we read it, it seems…

  • Wheel On The Chimney by Wise Brown and Gergely 1954

    Wheel On The Chimney

    Wheel On The Chimney is a calm, bird-focused storified description of an old custom observed throughout various parts of Southern Europe.

  • My Mother’s Dream by Alice Munro Short Story Analysis

    Frank Dicksee - The Mother 1910

    “My Mother’s Dream” is a short story by Alice Munro, and the final offering in The Love Of A Good Woman (1998). This is an absolute masterwork in how to subvert an established narrative trope.

  • Symbolism of the Maze and Labyrinth

    The Cat Returns suburbia as maze

    I hate being lost. I’m not the only one. Before the age of cities, suburbs and GPS, it really was dangerous to separate from your tribe. Professor Kenneth Hill has studied the psychological effects of getting lost, and was interviewed by Jim Mora on the RNZ Sunday morning radio show. Jim asks, why do people…

  • Charlotte’s Web Novel Study Analysis

    Charlotte's Web Cover

    At almost 32,000 words, Charlotte’s Web (1952, 1963) is a middle grade novel rather than a chapter book. This is a story with many  hidden depths, which appeals to middle grade kids as well as their adult co-readers. Below I’ll be getting into how this story appeals to both children and adults, the themes of…

  • Town Musicians Of Bremen Fairy Tale Analysis

    The Musicians of Bremen, John Parr Miller, 1954

    “The Town Musicians Of Bremen” is a German folktale. Its plot structure is so strong that many storytellers writing series for children borrow it.

  • Cannibalism in Storytelling

    If you wanted to create a scary monster, the scariest ever, how would you go about it?

  • Chimneys In Art And Storytelling

    Fred Cecil Jones (British,1891-1956) - Chimney stacks and winding ways, 1936

    The chimney is a multivalent symbol in storytelling. Chimneys can be cosy and welcoming. A column of smoke rose thin and straight from the cabin chimney. The smoke was blue where it left the red of the clay. It trailed into the blue of the April sky and was no longer blue but gray. The…

  • Zoo by Anthony Browne (1992) Analysis

    Zoo is a postmodern picture book written and illustrated by Anthony Browne, first published in 1992.

  • Where do I find my inciting incident?

    John Ritchie - An Expected Rise in Stocks

    The term ‘inciting incident’ is one of those writing words which means different things to different people. Some writers don’t think in terms of inciting incident. To others it is key to a good story beginning. Some authors have easily identifiable inciting incidents, and one big event to set off a chain of events seems…