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  • Digital Art Software I Have Tried

    Earlier this week I compared two similar digital art programs, Artrage 5 and Rebelle 3. Rebelle 3 has┬ájust been released. Those are my top picks for illustrators who don’t want to fork out the big (ongoing) bucks for Adobe products or for Corel Paint (which I didn’t like anyway, last time I used it). Here […]

  • Artrage 5 or Rebelle 3? Software Review

    make a massive mess

    Artrage by Ambient Design, and Rebelle, by Escape Motions, are in some ways similar. They are both excellent, lower-priced digital art software which replicate real-world media and painting techniques. With both, you can pick up your pen and start drawing right away. If you have to choose, which should you buy? In my case, would…

  • Great Gifts For Young Artists

    I have a nine-year-old daughter who loves stationery. As a kid I loved stationery too, and now I am an illustrator. These days, if I’m buying for a young artist I give great gifts. (A #lessersuperpower?) I love buying art supplies almost as much as I love using them. Reason for this post: Stationery is…