Fantasy Laboratories In Art And Illustration

Frank Papé from Anatole France’s ‘At The Sign of the Reine Pedaque’. Caption reads: ‘You are my salamander!’
1930 June, Fortune Magazine cover by Walter Buehr
Startling Stories, August 1953 Vol. 30, No. 3
Startling Stories, August 1953 Vol. 30, No. 3
Argosy Magazine February 24 1940
N.C. WYETH, The Alchemist, 1937
Fujimoto from Ponyo
Alarming Tales September 1958 Half Man Half What?
My Image of Evil from Baffling Mysteries magazine May 1953
Alarming Tales
from Baffling Mysteries November 1951
Anton Pieck 1895-1987 An apothecary
Anton Pieck (Dutch, 1895-1987) An Illustration for ‘The Arabian Nights’ The 27st Night, The Story of the Jewish Doctor (n.d.)
Steel engraving of The Village Doctor, from the September 1867 issue of The Lady’s Friend
Harry McNaught (1923 – 2020) The Golden Book of Science For Boys and Girls