Writing Activity: Describe A Church

Elisabeth Sonrel (1874 - 1953)

The church was a large and lonely one, and we loved to go there, especially upon bright nights. The path skirted a wood, cut through it once, and ran along the crest of the hill through two meadows, and round the churchyard wall, over which the old yews loomed in black masses of shadow. This path, which was partly paved, was called “the bier-balk,” for it had long been the way by which the corpses had been carried to burial. The churchyard was richly treed, and was shaded by great elms which stood just outside and stretched their majestic arms in benediction over the happy dead. A large, low porch let one into the building by a Norman doorway and a heavy oak door studded with iron. Inside, the arches rose into darkness, and between them the reticulated windows, which stood out white in the moonlight. In the chancel, the windows were of rich glass, which showed in faint light their noble colouring, and made the black oak of the choir pews hardly more solid than the shadows. But on each side of the altar lay a grey marble figure of a knight in full plate armour lying upon a low slab, with hands held up in everlasting prayer, and these figures, oddly enough, were always to be seen if there was any glimmer of light in the church. Their names were lost, but the peasants told of them that they had been fierce and wicked men, marauders by land and sea, who had been the scourge of their time, and had been guilty of deeds so foul that the house they had lived in—the big house, by the way, that had stood on the site of our cottage—had been stricken by lightning and the vengeance of Heaven. But for all that, the gold of their heirs had bought them a place in the church. Looking at the bad hard faces reproduced in the marble, this story was easily believed.

Man-Size in Marble by E. Nesbit

They lodged her in a little cell-like room adjoining a small chapel dedicated to the Magdalen, a darksome and forbidding little shrine with vaulted ceiling and a window scarce a hand-breadth wide, stained, rather than illumined, by the red glow of a vigil lamp.

“The Lady of the Bells”, Weird Magazine, 1939
Van Gogh, Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen, January-February 1884 and Autumn 1885
Overview of Setting in Literature
Overview of Setting in Literature
JOHAN ERICSON (Swedish, 1849 – 1925) Santa Maria Cathedral from North Kyrkogatan, Visby, 1898
Władysław Jarocki (Podhajczyki, 1875 – Kraków, 1965) Church on Harenda in winter, (Kościół na Harendzie w zimie) 1956
John Kindborg (Swedish,1861 – 1907) St. Catherine’s Church, 1881
‘Hilly Scene’ (c1826) Samuel Palmer
Anne Estelle Rice (1877–1959) Village Church
Henri Martin (1860-1943) Church in Labastide, 1930
Frederic Edwin Church – View of Olana in the Snow New York America
‘Stobo Kirk, Peeblesshire’ by James McIntosh Patrick , oil on canvas, 1936
Sophus Jacobsen, (Norwegian, 1833 – 1912) Snowy Churhyard
Edvard Munch, Old Aker Church
Remedios Varo, 1908-1963, Lecole Buissonnièr Haciendo Novillos, 1962
The church of Auvers, 1890 Vincent van Gogh
The Church at Norwich-Vermont, Maxfield Parrish, 1950
Marc Chagall (Bielorussian, 1887 – 1985) Snow-covered Church, 1927
Herbert Thomas Dicksee – Memories, an Old Man Seated in a Church 1885
Hans Maurus, German, 1901-1942
Oskar, Mulley, Austrian, 1891-1949
Anton Franciscus Pieck (1895 – 1987)
The COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Magazine April 8 1922
William Holman Hunt – The Old Church at Ewell
End of the Day 1941 Maxfield Parrish
Wilfred Bosworth Jenkins (1857-1936)
Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (1876 – 1942) 1904 illustration Wooden Church of Russian North
From Kipling’s A Song of the English. Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson 4
Mikhail Germashev (1867-1930) Autumn Landscape with the Church
Little Church Around the Corner, 1930, Ellison Hoover; 1888-1955
Thomas Francioli 1949
Rudolf von Alt (1812 – 1905, Vienna, Austria) Church of Mary at the Gestade 1860
View of Tibirke church (1886) by Viggo Johansen (1851-1935)
“Please, madame, you are disturbing the tourists.” J.B. (BUD) HANDELSMAN, Cartoon for Playboy Magazine
Andrew Loomis (1892–1959)
The COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Vintage Magazine Paperback April 11 1925 cover detail
1923 Boys and Girls Of Book Land by Nora Archibald Smith Illustrated by Jesse Wilcox Smith Publisher David McKay Co
1959 cover by Dick Sargent
Capper’s Farmer Magazine November 1931 Choir
Henry Bacon – Christmas Prayers
Henry Bacon – Pay Attention
Mary Whyte – South Carolina, USA Sunday morning devotion – watercolor
Joseph Christian Leyendecker (American artist) 1874 – 1951 Easter church service 1918
Charles Dana Gibson 1925 Church
Grant Wood, American, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (1931)
Nils Hans Christiansen (Danish, 1850 – 1922) Walking to Evening Church in the Snow
by Anton Franciscus Pieck (19 April 1895 – 24 November 1987)
Cornelius Krieghoff – Village Scene in Winter
Babar Took Them to See the Cathedral of Notre-Dame
Philip Richard Morris – The Christening Party
Louis Remy Mignot – Church at Dusk
Emanuel Church, Lyons Plain Road, Weston, Connecticut 1957 New Yorker cover
New Yorker cover by Garrett Price
Chris Van Allsburg, ‘The Hooded Congregation’, ‘Ghosts’ by Time-Life Books, 1984
Chris Van Allsburg, ‘The Hooded Congregation’, ‘Ghosts’ by Time-Life Books, 1984
Chris Van Allsburg, ‘The Hooded Congregation’, ‘Ghosts’ by Time-Life Books, 1984
Chris Van Allsburg, ‘The Hooded Congregation’, ‘Ghosts’ by Time-Life Books, 1984
Tongues (Holy Rollers), by Archibald Motley, 1929
Country Gentleman Dec 1939 William Heade Prince Cover

Header painting is by Elisabeth Sonrel (1874 – 1953)