City Streets In Art And Illustration

me, trying to describe my novel that I’ve done no work on: “In some ways, it is the city that’s the main character”

‘Caernarfon, Spring Place’, Selwyn Jones, oil on board, 20th c
Life Magazine, Advancement of Women, Jan 27, 1908
Humbert Valerio (Austrian, 1908 – 1990) View from Montmartre, 1950
Miroslav Šašek (1916 – 1980) 1962 illustration for This is San Francisco
‘Early Morning’, Evan Charlton, oil on board, 1956
After the Office at the Church of the Holy Trinity by Jean Béraud 1900
Late afternoon, Washington Square, Paul Cornoyer (American,1864-1923)
Anton Franciscus Pieck (19 April 1895 – 24 November 1987)
1926, ‘Paris Street,’ Christopher Wood
Gloucester Trolley, 1916, John French Sloan (American 1871-1951)

On paper, things look fine. Sam Dennon recently inherited significant wealth from his uncle. As a respected architect, Sam spends his days thinking about the family needs and rich lives of his clients. But privately? Even his enduring love of amateur astronomy is on the wane. Sam has built a sustainable-architecture display home for himself but hasn’t yet moved into it, preferring to sleep in his cocoon of a campervan. Although they never announced it publicly, Sam’s wife and business partner ended their marriage years ago due to lack of intimacy, leaving Sam with the sense he is irreparably broken.

Now his beloved uncle has died. An intensifying fear manifests as health anxiety, with night terrors from a half-remembered early childhood event. To assuage the loneliness, Sam embarks on a Personal Happiness Project:

1. Get a pet dog

2. Find a friend. Just one. Not too intense.




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