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  • Three Ways Of Looking At Character

    Three Ways Of Looking At Character

    There are many ways of looking at character: flat vs rounded, static vs dynamic and stylised versus natural. These distinctions are explained below. FLAT/ROUNDED Is this character more ‘flat’ or more ’rounded’? This distinction was first made by E.M. Forster in Aspects of the Novel, who said that a round character is one who is capable of surprise. I would…

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  • Littera scripta manet The Written Word Will Remain

    Littera scripta manet The Written Word Will Remain

    “The written word will remain” Which words will we leave as our legacy? What we have published in books and magazines, or what we have published on blogs and ezines and Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook…? A few years ago I set about inputting all of our known family data into a family tree program. Like most people, I can…

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  • Unusual Eating Phobias

    Unusual Eating Phobias

    Getting annoyed at someone when we listen to them eating or breathing is called Misophonia, and it’s an actual neurological disorder. Here are some more strangely specific fears: Header painting: Adolphe Millot illustration of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from Nouveau Larousse Illustre, (1898) fruits and vegetables

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  • Things Possible With Digital Stories Which Are Not So Possible With Paper Stories

    A lot is being said about all the ways in which ebooks and tablet books are not as good as ‘real books’: you can’t smell them, there’s screen glare, you don’t know where you are up to in the book… Ebooks “I hate them. It’s like making believe there’s another kind of sex. There isn’t another kind of sex. There isn’t…

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  • The Opposite Of Beer Brewed By Monks

    The Opposite Of Beer Brewed By Monks

    Episode 55 of the 99% Invisible podcast goes into the strange psychological phenomenon whereby certain consumers will pay huge amounts for a scarce commodity. Alcohol and handbags seem especially open to this marketing manipulation, and in this case beer, not because beer connoisseurs are being manipulated per se, but because there is a monastery in Germany whose monks brew beer — but…

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  • The Secret Self In Storytelling

    The Secret Self In Storytelling

    All of us have a Public, Private and a Secret Self.

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  • Decisions To Make When Storyboarding For Interactive Books

    First things first: Does this story require an active and alert reader, and do the interactions reward interactivity and alertness? 1. Should interactions be user-initiated or autoplay? A mixture? I prefer narration to autoplay, with the option of turning it off completely from the main menu. When I have to press a button to start the narration on each page…

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  • Do You Look Like Your Dog?

    Do You Look Like Your Dog?

    There are some researchers, who’ve been very lucky with their funding, who have studied the ways in which pets resemble their owners. If you’ve ever been to a dog show you’ll probably have noticed the phenomenon yourself. Sure enough, it’s been noted that when shown a random mixture of owner/pet photos, people are able to match those owners with their pets…

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