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  • A Case of Eavesdropping by Algernon Blackwood Short Story Analysis

    A Case of Eavesdropping” is a ghost story by Algernon Blackwood first published in December 1900 in Pall Mall Magazine.

  • Creepiness In Art And Storytelling

    Two Dancing Fools, Hendrick Hondius (I), after Pieter Bruegel (I), 1642 wild things

    We know when something is creepy. But how to define it? On The Nature of Creepiness is a study by McAndrew and Koehnke, who realised there had never been an empirical study on what humans find creepy. The results were ‘consistent with the hypothesis that being “creeped out” is an evolved adaptive emotional response to […]

  • Women and Shoplifting in Fiction

    1960s Christmas shopping

    Watch enough TV and you’ll likely draw the conclusion that women, especially housewives with significant personal problems commonly relieve psychological pain by shoplifting. It’s rare to find men shoplifting for the buzz. Also in fiction, teenage girls shoplift as a hazing ritual, and to own prized items (mostly body adornment items) they couldn’t otherwise afford.…

  • The Snail Under The Leaf Setting

    apparent utopia

    In many folktales, visitors to fairyland see magnificent palaces and comely people until they accidentally rub the fairy ointment on their eyes. Then fairyland is revealed as a charnel-house, grey and grim, with the fairies as the grinning dead. Diane Purkiss, Troublesome Things The Utopian World is prevalent in contemporary children’s literature. Move into young…