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  • Conflict and Storytelling

    Common writing advice: Stories need conflict. Every scene needs conflict. Without conflict your story will feel flat. But what does conflict mean? It does not mean constant arguing. Tension and Conflict Are Different Tension and conflict are two different things. However, they work together, because tension is the anticipation or potential for conflict to happen. Conflict is the actual problem…

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  • Stereotypes, Tropes and Archetypes

    Stereotypes, Tropes and Archetypes

    WHAT IS A STEREOTYPE? The archetypal story unearths a universally human experience, then wraps itself inside a unique, culture-specific expression. A stereotypical story reverses this pattern: It suffers a poverty of both content and form. It confines itself to the narrow, culture-specific experience and dresses in stale, non-specific generalities. […] Stereotypical stories stay at home, archetypal stories travel. Story, Robert…

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