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  • Snowmen In Art and Storytelling

    It’s that time of year in Australia, when it starts to get uncomfortably hot and I start looking at pictures of snow.

  • The Colour Purple Symbolism

    The Carnaval A Book Of Poems by Sef Roman Semenovich and Leonid Roshidaev 1994 lilac

    Before the concept for ‘blue’ existed, Homer wrote famously in The Odyssey of the “wine-dark sea.” Sure, it might’ve looked purple even to a contemporary audience, but we know from other writings around the world that the concept of ‘blue’ was late to enter human consciousness. “The Odyssey” suggests that blue was included the concept […]

  • Depicting Motion In Illustration

    How do illustrators convey motion when creating static images?

  • Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs Analysis

    Father Christmas Raymond Briggs

    Some say that the very first British graphic novel was True Love (1981) by Posy Simmonds. Others would say it was Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs. This month I wrote a post on Teaching Kids How To Structure A Story.  Earlier in the month I looked at a wordless picture book, The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. […]

  • The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

    This month I’m blogging a series aimed at teaching kids how to structure a story. This seven-step structure works for all forms of narrative. It works for picture books, songs, commercials, films and novels. Today I take a close look at The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. The Snowman is another carnivalesque tale, in which the ‘classic […]