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  • How Children’s Books Teach Kids To Despise Clever Girls

    Lately I’ve been reading chapter books with my 8-year-old daughter. We’ve been reading realistic comedy dramas from various American eras, from Ramona Quimby to Junie B. Jones to Judy Moody to Clementine. We’re just starting to (re)delve into the work of Judy Blume. We’ve also read similar books produced locally such as Philomena Wonderpen by Ian Bone, Billy B. Brown by…

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  • Revolting Rhymes

    I have clear memories of this book. First, I remember my father buying it for me in Paper Plus. I was in attendance. He thought I wouldn’t notice, then snuck it into my santa sack. Second, it was very unusual for my father to buy any books at all. Third, this was a whole-family read and I remember reciting it theatrically…

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  • Tobacco Use In Art And Picturebooks

    Tobacco Use In Art And Picturebooks

    Writing for a young audience has always been fraught, because children are thought to be more highly impressionable than adults. Tobacco, junk food, bad behaviour that goes without punishment… any and all of these things in children’s literature can be enough to stop the story finding a wide audience. How to open a Korean fairy tale: “Once, in the old…

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