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  • Why Do Authors Leave Characters Unnamed?

    Why Do Authors Leave Characters Unnamed?

    When telling a story, why might a writer choose not to name a character? If you’ve ever written an essay about a fictional work with an unnamed character you’ll realise it’s more hassle not to name a significant character than to just go ahead and call them something. Indeed there are reasons not to.

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  • Characters Named Richard In Children’s Literature

    Few names in history shine with so consistent a lustre as that of Richard; at first the little Duke, afterwards Richard aux longues jambes, but always Richard sans peur. This little sketch has only brought forward the perils of his childhood, but his early manhood was likewise full of adventures, in which he always proved himself brave, honourable, pious, and…

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  • Symbolic Names In Storytelling

    Symbolic Names In Storytelling

    Generally speaking, a lot of thought goes into choosing character names. Sometimes a name is chosen because it is appropriate to the age of the character, culture and era. Sometimes the name is aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes the name is symbolic.

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  • Jims and Jameses in Children’s Literature

    Once there was a bad little boy whose name was Jim—though, if you will notice, you will find that bad little boys are nearly always called James in your Sunday-school books. It was strange, but still it was true, that this one was called Jim. Mark Twain, as the opening of a parody of Sunday School Stories, written about 1865…

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