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  • What does Gothic mean in literature?

    What does Gothic mean in literature?

    The Gothic is notoriously difficult to define. This is a type of story in constant flux. Each new literary period adds is own spin. “Gothic” is more like a skin layered upon other genres, most often: horror, romance, science fiction and fantasy. Where does one genre end and the gothic element begin?

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  • Why is the horror genre so popular?

    Why is the horror genre so popular?

    We like to be scared. Rather, fear sends a rush of adrenaline, and we like that. Scratch that. Maybe it’s the relief we feel once the rush of adrenaline is over. For the same reason, social media can be addictive. That rush when we hear a reply coming back from a tweet? That rush is partly borne of fear. Some…

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  • Chick-Lit and Similar Genre Terms

    chick-lit: a sometimes derogatory term for literature aimed at women, about single women in their twenties who are looking for love trick-lit: “Trick Lit is the term [Seth Godin invented] for a chick lit novel that pretends to be something else, hoping to rope people in with an interesting premise. 30 pages later, you discover that you were deceived, that…

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