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  • The Symbolism of Dolls In Storytelling

    Charles Haigh Wood - Storytime 1893

    Dolls serve as comfort; they also creep us out. Which is it gonna be? And how do storytellers utilise their multivalent presence in our lives?

  • The Toys of Peace by Saki Short Story Analysis

    Pruett Carter (1891-1955) tree guns

    “The Toys of Peace” (1919) is a short story by H.H. Munro (a.k.a. Saki) and is out of copyright so can easily be found online. This is the opening short story in a collection called The Toys Of Peace And Other Papers by H.H. Munro (and G.K. Chesterton). This volume was published after Saki’s death. […]

  • The Doll House Picture Book by Karas and Riches Analysis

    The Doll House is a 1993 picture book written by Jacqueline Karas and illustrated by Judith Riches. Yesterday I took a close look at a short horror story by M.R. James called “The Haunted Dolls’ House” so today I thought I’d take a closer look at how picture book storytellers deal with the trope of […]

  • The Haunted Dolls’ House by M.R. James Short Story Analysis

    Ralph Hedley - Real Antique

    “The Haunted Dolls’ House” (1923) is a short ghost story by Montague Rhodes James. Being out of copyright, you can read it at Project Gutenberg.

  • The Doll’s House by Katherine Mansfield Short Story Analysis

    Benjamin Leader - A Relic of the Past

    “The Doll’s House” is a short story by Katherine Mansfield, set in New Zealand, written 1922. This is Mansfield’s most accessible story, and a good introduction to her work. Its main themes are seen across children’s literature as well. Unlike stories such as “The Garden Party” and “Bliss”, the reader is not required to fill […]

  • What does Gothic mean in literature?

    The Gothic is notoriously difficult to define. This is a type of story in constant flux. Each new literary period adds is own spin. “Gothic” is more like a skin layered upon other genres, most often: horror, romance, science fiction and fantasy. Where does one genre end and the gothic element begin?

  • Dollhouse Symbolism In Storytelling

    Dollhouse symbolism

    Dollhouses in stories fall into a number of main categories: Miniature representations of big, aristocratic houses full of furniture but devoid of real love A mismatch between domesticity as we wish to set it up versus how it actually plays out Fakery Girlhood and naivety The doll house can also create a mise en abyme […]

  • Making Use Of The Miniature In Storytelling

    Charles Robert Leslie - The Miniature

    Stories featuring vast size differentials are as old as storytelling itself. These differentials can be created in various different ways, and are much utilised across children’s stories in particular: A normal sized person pitted against a giant or ogre A normal sized person who enters a land in which everyone else is tiny or huge […]