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  • Fake Gender Equality In The Christmas Chronicles

    The Christmas Chronicles

    The Christmas Chronicles is this year’s tentpole festive family movie from Netflix. Directed by Clay Kaytis, the script is written by another two men, David Guggenheim and Matt Lieberman. The nice thing about The Christmas Chronicles is that a few of the old gender tropes have been inverted. Instead of an adventurous younger brother juxtaposed […]

  • Matchless by Gregory Maguire Fairy Tale Analysis

    Matchless Gregory McGuire book

    Matchless is a fractured fairytale by Gregory Maguire based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Match Girl. Matchless makes for an interesting case study in storytelling. First, the brief would have been to create a story for ‘all ages’ — for regular NPR listeners to enjoy with their kids. This ain’t easy. How is it done? Second,…

  • Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs Analysis

    Father Christmas Raymond Briggs

    Some say that the very first British graphic novel was True Love (1981) by Posy Simmonds. Others would say it was Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs. This month I wrote a post on Teaching Kids How To Structure A Story.  Earlier in the month I looked at a wordless picture book, The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.…

  • The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen

    To a modern audience, The Little Match Girl is unbearably tragic. Perhaps, like me, you vividly recall reading your version of this story as a young kid and being profoundly affected. For me, it was probably the first time I considered the possibility of childhood death. Hans Christian Andersen was commissioned to write a story…

  • The Sorrows Of Gin by John Cheever Analysis

    by Gerhard Glück drunk santa

  • Christmas Is A Sad Season For The Poor by John Cheever Analysis

    Charles Spencelayh - Perplexed

    At first, “Christmas Is A Sad Season For The Poor” reads like a comical tale but this is a Cheever story, so expect a sombre turn before the end. WHAT HAPPENS IN CHRISTMAS IS A SAD SEASON FOR THE POOR An elevator operator complains of how lonely he is to all who enter his realm.…

  • The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

    This month I’m blogging a series aimed at teaching kids how to structure a story. This seven-step structure works for all forms of narrative. It works for picture books, songs, commercials, films and novels. Today I take a close look at The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.