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  • Katherine Mansfield’s Influences

    Katherine Mansfield’s Influences

    THE INFLUENCES OF PLACE AND ERA Katherine Mansfield grew up in middle class Wellington, New Zealand and moved to Europe as a young adult to finish her education in London. Some of her stories are influenced by her experiences in England, Belgium and Bavaria (In a German Pension). Her first stories were accepted by The Age but Mansfield grew tired…

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  • Chekhov’s Toy Gun In Children’s Literature

    Chekhov’s Toy Gun In Children’s Literature

    Chekhov’s gun is a storytelling technique to do with foreshadowing. The author places a gun in the story/picture and one of the characters uses it later. This is the general rule: If the gun has been placed, the author must make use of it. Otherwise the reader will wonder what on earth it was doing there. The reader will feel…

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