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  • The Fairytale Importance of the Literary Salon and Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy

    “Grand Salon” Hôtel du Collectioneur, Paris 1925. Arch. Emile Jaques Ruhlmann

    First, what is a salon? 1. A RECEPTION ROOM IN A LARGE HOUSE The common feature of a salon: It is set up for social interaction. As shown in the header illustration, “Grand Salon” Hôtel du Collectioneur, Paris 1925. Arch. Emile Jaques Ruhlmann, a salon is also a feature of a grand hotel. 2. WHERE […]

  • Goethe and Angela Carter’s Erl-king Short Story Analysis

    Moritz von Schwind, Illustration to Goethe's Poem "Erlkönig", 1849

    “The Erl-King” is a short story by Angela Carter based on an old ballad by Goethe, one of the most famous ballads ever told. Carter’s re-visioning doesn’t use the plot from Goethe’s ballad, but borrows some of the atmosphere. Carter inverts the gaze and turns it into something new. As you might expect from Angela […]

  • Rosamund and the Purple Jar Analysis

    Rosamund and the Purple Jar exhibited 1900 Henry Tonks 1862-1937

    Rosamund and the Purple Jar is a didactic story for children, written by Maria Edgeworth, first published 1796. To remi

  • Beauty And The Beast Fairy Tale Analysis

    Beauty and the Beast front cover_600x709

    Beauty and the Beast is a strongly mythic tale: A girl goes on a journey and ultimately finds her true self. PARATEXT “The Beauty and the Beast” is a tale featuring multiple levels of misogyny and much has already been said about that. For example, Was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Re-Tooled Because Belle Wasn’t Enough Of A […]