Highly Stylised Trees With Stable Diffusion

In art and illustration, artists can often be identified by their trees. Trees can be as individual as people. You know a Dr Seuss tree when you see it, right?

Let’s talk about trees generated by AI. Depending on how you look at it and what you’re after, one of the annoying/wonderful things about AI generated art: Things blend into each other and create bizarre new combinations you’ve never seen before. Sure, if you generate some houses you’ll likely have to remove the trees which are growing out of the roofs.

Sometimes you get really unusual and thought-provoking foliage when you weren’t even going for it. Today I’ll share some of the highly stylised and unusual trees Stable Diffusion has produced for me over the past few months.


I’m using Automatic 1111, Dreamlike Diffusion 1.0 model, and a prompt generator. Although I’ve included the prompts in the captions, some of these prompts were longer and I haven’t kept them outside the filename.

(a 8 legged digital painting_1.34) of a tree of immense size, with branches reaching the sky, by odd nerdrum and gu hongzhong

When Midjourney was first online, if your text input was vague, you often got trees, or some other pretty landscape or seascape. Here are some early Midjourney ‘nothing’ trees, in the highly recognisable Midjourney colours:

Midjourney “conveying more by showing less”