Well, here’s what people who read The Canberra Times online and vote on polls worry about.



And here’s the article to which the poll is attached: Jury out on children’s book apps. As an overthinker myself, it’s good to know that pontification is alive and well. The article offers no evidence of the harm of picture book apps, just as it offers no comfort to those of us who have embraced the medium.

I’m reminded of this article from Charlotte’s Library, in which Charlotte wonders if certain literary sessions run at libraries might be doing more harm than good. I have similar concerns about seminars about interactive storytelling which almost seem to start with an assumption of harm. Or maybe it’s just the headlining of such events, because I’ve never attended one in person. Either way, might such discussion, in the absence of evidence, be influencing children’s literature itself?

Might our very best writers, illustrators and storyboarders be scared away from digital reading technologies if the kidlit subculture becomes infiltrated with doubt?


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