There’s A Monster, Hiding Under My Bed…

Natalie Tran is one of Australia’s best comedians and I enjoy her increasingly sporadic uploads to Community Channel on YouTube.

There’s a Monster

Recently Natalie has been babysitting, and wonders what to do when the kid tells her there’s a monster in their bedroom.

a. Do you go along with it?

b. Do you tell them it’s just their imagination?

I like the idea of going in with a cricket bat and coming out with a bunch of clothes in a black bin liner, announcing the job done, but let’s assume this is a serious question. What is the best thing to do?

Most picturebook writers are on ‘a’ side of the fence, not only going along with the idea of monsters, but maybe even introducing the very concept of monsters to children in the first place. I mean, who thinks of this stuff?

Here’s some such ‘Don’t Be Scared, There’s Only A Monster Under Your Bed‘ books which I’ve reviewed briefly over on my blog.

Meantime, here’s a trip back to 1999 with Santana, and a song which I have in an iTunes playlist called ‘Lullabies’.

Put Your Lights On

And a visit to Wikipedia has just informed me that the lalala stuff at the end is actually “La ilaha illa Allah”,  which means “there is no god but Allah” in Arabic. Oooh. Secret religious messages.