The Glass Slipper Ceiling

Why Don’t Women Illustrators Win Caldecott Awards?¬†asks the question, but of course no article can possibly give a definitive answer.

My reaction to this: Why should we be the slightest bit surprised, that in a female heavy industry men get a disproportionate share of culturally sanctioned accolades? There’s not a single industry in which sex/gender related inequalities are not a factor. Even in the few industries where women are preferenced over men, it’s because of their sexual capital, which is not a true power, but a power which rests upon the heterosexual male gaze, and diminishes with age.

I would like to point out that a female dominated judging panel means nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Feeling surprise that an all female panel can still come up with a gender imbalance is subtle acknowledgement that women are less sexist than men, and this is just not the case.


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