The Gamification Of Children’s Books

One Idea To Save Illustrated eBooks: Gamification from Digital Book World

As an aside, I’m interested in the wording of that title: do Illustrated eBooks really need saving? Already?

What do you think of the gamification of reading?

It works for me. For the last two years I’ve set a reading goal on Goodreads and managed to complete my 52 books in a year, all because I wouldn’t get to display their little badge on my profile. Not exactly a high stakes game, but it got me reading furiously in order to catch up. Right now I’m almost finished catching up from being 11 entire books behind a week ago. Is this a type of gamification?

What I don’t like in gamification of reading is when you aren’t allowed to progress in the story unless you’ve completed some sort of peripheral activity. If the entire point is to get readers through the story then nothing should stand in our way.


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