The Colour Orange in Illustration

William Jabez Muckley (British, 1829 - 1905) Oranges

Autumn Colours In Illustration

Sunsets and Sunrise in Illustration

Sophus Petersen (Danish,1837 – 1907) Still Life with Oranges, 1881
Winslow Homer – The Initials
Paul Gauguin Landscape With Peacocks 1892
The moment of truth I Paul Gauguin 1892
Paul Gauguin Self Portrait With The Idol 1893
Renato Guttuso (1912-1987) Man Eating Spaghetti, 1956
The Last Time We Meet. Illustration by Edwin Georgi, c. 1950
Charles Hallo (1882 – 1969) 1932 travel poster illustration for Concarneau, Brittany
1908 Internationale Tentoonstelling voor het Koffiehuis, poster in Secessionist style for International Coffee House and Restaurant Exhibition
Georges Dorival (1879-1968) 1939 travel poster illustration for Normandy
1900-25 De Roemer, Dutch poster in Secessionist Style for Liquer De Roemer
Charles Loupot, 1919
Edward Julius Detmold (1883-1957), Alice in Wonderland with Peter the Lizard
Hugh Spencer 1887-1975
Illustrator Cheri Herouard (1881-1961) for LVP magazine, 1922
Easy Answers to Hard Questions pictures by Susan Perl text by Susanne Kirtland (1968) why do some people wear glasses
Magic Secrets by Rose Wyler & Gerald Ames, illustrated by Tālivaldis Stubis (1967)
Text, Cover and Illustrations by Benjamin Rabier, 1927
Anton Lomaev – The Little Mermaid
Poster art by Don Weller Art Directors and Designers of Orange County (CA),1981
Koloman Moser – Gerlach’s Allegorien (1896-97) Plate #94 Heads
Trina Schart Hyman – Rapunzel
Now That Days Are Colder by Aileen Fisher, Designed & Illustrated by Gordon Laite, Lettering by Paul Taylor (1973)
Olga Kondakova – Tales of the Brothers Grimm, Golden Goose
VERNEUIL, Maurice Pillard (1869-1942). L'Animal dans la décoration. Paris- Librairie centrale des Beaux-arts, [1897] Birds Snails
VERNEUIL, Maurice Pillard (1869-1942). L’Animal dans la décoration. Paris- Librairie centrale des Beaux-arts (1897) Birds and Snails.
Owen Jones Grammar of Ornament Persian No 2
Owen Jones Grammar of Ornament Arabia No 5
The Country Gentleman Magazine Nov 1927 pumpkins
The Country Gentleman Magazine November 1927
Georges Rochegrosse (1859-1938), 1901
Georges Rochegrosse (1859-1938), 1901
Doctor Doolittle’s Circus
なくなったものなあんだ 1982
パンケーキにのっけたバターみたい 1996
Halloween A Holiday Book by Lillie Patterson, illustrated by Gil Miret (1963). If this illustration appeals to you, check out books by Adrienne Adams.
Thanksgiving A Holiday Book by Lee Wyndam, illustrated by Hazel Hoecker (1963)
Shukan Shincho cover artwork by Rokuro Taniuchi (1977).
A Pumpkin Flower painting made with the help of artificial intelligence.