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  • Storybook Farms

    Sheet music cover Jollity Farm, by Leslie Sarony, late 1920s

    Farms in children’s literature are often a kind of utopia. Often these are animal utopias, and the reader is not supposed to even think of what the animals are really there for. Writing of the book Hepzibah Hen, a Children’s Hour favourite from 1926, is described by Margaret Blount as ‘the antithesis of Animal Farm‘, […]

  • Homes and Symbolism In Film and Literature

    sunny home literature film

    Homes are an outworking of the characters who live inside. Sometimes, in fiction, the house even seems to come alive in its own right. There exist sunny houses in which, at all seasons, it is summer, houses that are all windows. Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space For my notes after reading Gaston Bachelard, see […]

  • The Cosy House and Barn

    Maxfield Parrish- Winter Wonderland

    Home is important to all of us and perhaps even more important to young readers. This is why the mythic journey when it occurs in children’s literature is more commonly known as the home-away-home story — unless a child moves house at the beginning of the story they most often explore alone for a while […]

  • Kitchens As Metonyms For Familial Happiness In Literature

    Brambly Hedge. the grand kitchen at the Old Oak Palace. Everyone was searching for Primrose

    A warm, safe, lighted place.Hepzobah’s kitchen was always like that, and not only that evening. Coming I to it was like coming home on a bitter cold day to a bright, leaping fire. It was like the smell of bacon when you were hungry, loving arms when you were lonely; safety when you were scared…. […]