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  • Walking, Floating, Creeping Houses

    Walking, Floating, Creeping Houses

    Included in the definition of ‘home’ is the idea of a stable, secure structure… which doesn’t get up and move! The concept of home is especially important in children’s stories, which explains the popularity of the home-away-home structure: Child leaves home, has a little adventure, then returns to security. The young reader falls into slumber, […]

  • The Plot Points Of Every Single Fairytale

    Not every fairytale includes every plot point as listed below, but when they do, they appear in order.

  • Fairytale Archetypes

    Fairytale Archetypes

    Marina Warner has a great way of thinking about fairytale archetypes: Imagine them as pieces on a chessboard. We know all we need to know about them just from their appearance. Moreover, their position on the board limits the number of possible moves they’re able to make. If you’ve ever seen Tarot cards, the archetypes…

  • The Sorrows Of Gin by John Cheever Analysis

    by Gerhard Glück drunk santa

  • The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter Short Story Analysis

    The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter Short Story Analysis

    “The Bloody Chamber” is a feminist-leftie re-visioning of Bluebeard, written in the gothic tradition, set in a French castle with clear-cut goodies and baddies. The title story of The Bloody Chamber, first published in 1979, was directly inspired by Charles Perrault’s fairy tales of 1697: his “Barbebleue” (Bluebeard) shapes Angela Carter’s retelling, as she lingers…