Street Corners In Art And Illustration

Emil Artur Pittermann-Longen

Emil Artur Pittermann-Longen (1885-1936) city scape 1915
Anton Franciscus Pieck (19 April 1895 – 24 November 1987)

Pierre Bonnard

Boulevard de Clichy and the Corner of the Rue de Douai. (1904) Pierre Bonnard

Christopher Nevinson

Christopher Nevinson’s ‘Fitzroy Square’ 1923-4

Hans Heysen

‘From the Apartment Window, Paris, 1901 Hans Heysen

Colin Middleton

‘The Markets, Belfast,’ (1941) Colin Middleton

Brian Ernest Hagger

Brian Ernest Hagger 1935 – 2006
Brian Ernest Hagger 1935 – 2006
Brian Ernest Hagger 1935 – 2006
Brian Ernest Hagger 1935 – 2006.
stock photo by Ty Crump
photo with style of Brian Ernest Hagger applied

Takanori Ogisu

Takanori Oguiss (Takanori Ogisu, 1901 Inzawa, Aichi Prefecture -1986 Paris, Japanese painter)
Hong Kong street corner photo by Rui Matayoshi
Hong Kong street corner based on photo by Rui Matayoshi Takanori Ogisu style, applied with Nightcafe Studio AI art generator.

John Nash

1919 The Corner, John Nash, UK

Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958)

Maurice de Vlaminck (France 1876-1958) Le Jardin du Coin – Garden on the corner (n.d.)

Walter Peregoy

Animation background from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, 1961
Stock photo by Matt Hoffmann
with style applied from the 101 Dalmations image as well as a second style image, which NightCafe lets you do. (The second is a painting of a wet street by Arthur Streeton.)

Arnold Lobel

From Frog and Toad