Story Apps

The Artifacts is about a 12-year-old boy who loves to collect. One day his parents move house and throw away his precious collections. He stops collecting things and starts to collect learnings, memories, smells and experiences. This is a story about the value of experience of material objects.

The Artifacts is no longer available on the App Store. It is now available on Steam.

Midnight Feast is about a girl in her early teen years who would like to stay up later, because she is convinced that exciting things happen after she is sent to bed. But when she is finally allowed to stay up, she gains an adult  insight about the world that she didn’t foresee.

Midnight Feast is currently unavailable.

Hilda Bewildered is a princess story which challenges reader expectations about privilege, beauty and wealth by accident of birth. This is a modern fairytale set in an image-obsessed, celebrity-focused world.

Hilda Bewildered is now available on Steam.


For the foreseeable future we’ll no longer be making story apps, but I continue to write and illustrate. Check out new stuff at the Slap Happy Larry Stories website.

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