Guesses About Future Sizes Of iOS Touch Screens

A bunch of people are guessing that we have reached ‘peak iPad’, which is kind of ridiculous, especially since the iPad is still the more reliable and fastest working tablet computer available at the moment.

But having last week updated The Artifacts (rather belatedly, but better late than never) for the longer iPhone 5 screen, this had us wondering how long it would be before we need to revisit that app again in order to support yet another screen size.

This author believes that:

…You can argue that as phones get bigger, they veer too close to tablets for a tablet purchase to still be justified. But I do believe we’ll see phone sizes eventually settle in the 4 to 5-inch range, while tablets go the other way: larger, as they embrace their destiny.

In the meantime, we hope screen sizes don’t change again any time soon. It took a week of work for Dan to upgrade to retina and prepare a storybook for the iPhone 5. While it won’t take that long next time, it’s worth pointing out that putting out a book app isn’t like putting out a book. Apps are really much more like (adult) children in that they do require ongoing support.

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