Narrative Intensity Of Books In A Series

Nowadays there are far fewer independent novels for young people: the majority of young people’s novels form part of a larger series, which may lead to a watering down of the intensity of the narration.

– from an article about new Finnish children’s books

What does this mean exactly? Even though I sense it to be true. Is there more time for loose interior monologue when a novel is one small part of a series? The same blogger has more to say about the problems of series in a different post:

When it comes to fostering enthusiasm for reading, books in series are important. In fact, contemporary publishers swear by books sold in series; nearly 60 percent of last year’s books for children and young adults from the three largest publishers (WSOY, Otava, Tammi) either feature heroes already familiar to readers, or are the first book in a new series. Series are of great value in the beginning stages of reading, but they can also slow down literary innovation. Children’s books that can stand on their own, as they say, are rare nowadays. Picture books suffer particularly from the present proliferation of series.

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