The Wild Guess Of Movie Ratings

Buzzfeed has published an article on Why Movie Ratings Are Insane, with a quiz for you to guess which of the named movies are rated PG-13.

I’m not arguing against age censorship. Like pants sizes, consumers need a guide. But I am constantly surprised at the ways in which we can’t predict a child’s response to a story. Our five year old watched Terminator 2 last week and slept like a log all night. Several days later I showed her The Polar Express and she woke several times from nightmares. Not that frequency of nightmares can be used as any indicator of longterm effects, I guess, but my husband woke from a rare nightmare last week ā€” our chickens (plus one extra terrifying bird) hid in his sock drawer, then jumped out and pecked his arm off. I pointed out that he’d spent the afternoon watching 127 Hours, then sitting at his Apple Mac in the kitchen area, where our chickens have developed the super annoying habit of pecking on the window for scraps. While I can completely understand the trauma of watching 127 Hours (I couldn’t watch it past the inciting incident ā€” my ears actually started to ring) there is nothing inherently terrifying about our freerange chickens.

All of this goes to prove, naturally, that little red hens should come with a PG-13 tag attached to their skinny wee legs.

Creepy As All Get Out

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